Katy Connor


Pre WWI wooden trunk received as a gift by the artist

Hope Chest

Item 1: Video depicting a loop of a journey taken from Plymouth to Santander by ferry. Katy will begin an artist’s residency in Spain in October of this year.

Item 2: Wooden chest. In 2001 Katy received this chest from a colleague who had been keeping it in his garage. For several years, the chest was used to store art materials and notebooks.
In 2007, Katy left Birmingham for Totnes to pursue her Masters degree in Contemporary Arts Practice and Dissemination. The chest was used to transport all the ideas she had for her arts practice: sketchbooks, diaries, art equipment, etc. The contents of the chest were the manifestation of her hopes for the next phase in her artistic endeavours.
Later, it was learned that this trunk was a seaman’s chest, otherwise known as a foot-locker or campaign chest. They were mass-produced for the British military. The chest would have been use to store all the soldier’s private belongings. The trunk was subject to inspection from the Sergeant Major. There was just one drawer within the trunk that he couldn’t check which could contain the soldier’s private love letters, photographs, etc.

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