Stephen Cornford

Cabinet found by artist and adapted
Item 1. Zither: Bought from ebay as a portable and desk-based alternative to an open piano. A test-bed for new techniques and preparations, hasn’t been tuned since.Item 2. Printer: found on Castle street, Totnes on his way home from the pub and taken home for parts.Item 3. 6 Solenoids: bought (ebay) to play the part of the lead guitarist's left hand in a mechanical rock band.

Item 4. Teak: all of which comes from the upright piano got off freecycle last year and dismantled the same day, discarding the keys, hammers and much of the front structure.
Item 5. Crossfader: from a friend’s old DJ mixer, Stephen grew up on a pair of Technics, this has a personal resonance for him.
Item 6. 9 switches: bought (ebay again) for circuit bending or to control the band players and not used yet, some are 'push-to-make' other 'push-on-push-off'.
Item 7. Potentiometer: from the built in amplifier of an oscillator half dismantled last year, Stephen was planning at the time to reverse engineer a vintage analog synthesizer, until he realised that this was way beyond his capabilities.
Item 8. 2 jack sockets: from the same DJ mixer mentioned above.
Item 9. Hook-up wire: from one of the technicians at college.
Item 10. 8 Watt amplifier circuit: from the same oscillator mentioned above.
Item 11. Whammy Bar: from one of many guitars bought in the last 18 months, none of which he has ever played by hand, so he has quite a collection of whammy bars and straps.
Item 12. Humbucker Guitar Pickup: bought (ebay) for general purpose feedback and amplification. He has about fifteen of them now.
Item 13. 16 microphone capsules: bought (ebay) before he had any idea about how to build microphones. He still hasn’t made one.
Item 14. Circuit board: from a ghetto blaster given to Stephen by a colleague.
Item 15. DC Motor: bought from Maplin as a piano player.
Item 16: Circular wire brush: bought in a hardware store.
Item 17: Plectrum: found in the street.
Item 18: 6 Crocodile clips: the school that a friend used to teach science in was about to be demolished and all of their laboratory equipment discarded. Stephen was invited to help himself to anything that might be useful. The impact of this single scavenge on his work has been enormous.
Item 19: 0.3W Speaker: from a walkman bought in the local scrap store for another project.
Item 20: Jamo mid-range speaker cone: from an old landlady's broken speakers.
Item 21: Massage node: Part of one of those electric massage kits that used to belong to Stephen’s grandmother, felt was glued onto it to play the strings of a piano.

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