Latest News

Cases of Curiosity has been invited to tour to The Joy Gallery at Redspace, 2 Rutland Place, Dublin 1.

Redspace ( is a really exciting new space for artists situated in an old warehouse. There are office spaces, studio spaces, the joy gallery, performance space and a recording studio. Its location makes it really handy to get to.

The exhibition is growing as it tours. Four new artists are adding their own pieces to the show: Fiona 'Fink' Hallinan, Oisin Byrne, Christopher Mahon and Brian Lynch. You can have a look at Fink and Oisin's work on their websites: and

After much chopping and changing, I can confirm that the opening will definitely take place on Thursday the 30th of October at 6pm and all are welcome to see some fantastic artworks, listen to live music from Jane and the Vicious Circles ( and enjoy some free drinks!

What is 'Cases of Curiosity'?

Unknown oddities and familiar objects with remarkable stories lined the shelves of the original cabinets of curiosities. Viewers could witness stories of the world, told through the art of collecting, arranging and displaying objects.

The items that clutter up our pockets, our bags, our mantelpieces, the spaces under our beds all hold stories about our lives. A group of contemporary artists from a wide range of disciplines will take pieces of art and pieces of clutter and create a kind of self-portrait in their own cabinet of curiosities. We can peer into these cabinets and learn about the artists from the things they choose to represent themselves in their own miniature museums.